Mark Speaks! again....

The following does not necessarily represent the views of every band member or their significant other.

I am going to start a new column titled:  "I got one thing to say about that"
Todays subject:  Nude Photo's in the cloud.
I'm not one to turn a blind eye to a beautiful body or cover my eyes during a love scene at the movies but, Are you freaking crazy!!  Anyone that thinks that their precious private pic's of themselves are safe and secure up in the cloud, your head must be in the clouds.  If you had half a brain you'd be doing the old Poloriod instant shot then tossing them into the fire after you got your thrills from checking yourself out.
If these breaches of security were on a bunch of plain old folk from North Philly, you can bet your bottom dollar that the FBI would be putting this crime on the very bottom of the list.  Probably just below the "I'm missing a few hairs on the back of my head" case.  You know the one I'm talking about.  It's the one where every morning I wake up and a few more of my hairs are gone from my head.  I know someone is sneaking in at night and having their way with me.  (I filled a missing hair report with the FBI and they are going to look into it).  But since it's a couple of beautiful, well known women, it's now an all out nationwide APB for the crook or crooks.  Gee, I wonder why?  I'm sure they'll have to do all the research and examine all the evidence.
I think the best way to avoid any further embarrassment would be to call Playboy and schedule a real photo shoot.  Then the stolen pics will be worthless and the claimants will have some high quality prints to put in their scrap book for years to come safe and secure from cyber thieves.  And if someone actually buys the magazine, they may even get a royalty out of it.