The choice to go original....

Ah, Life as an original artist. 

The members of Nxt2Normal have chosen a path in the music world which few dare follow, creating original music.  Not all musicians are cut out for this task.  Many that try get washed out, cave on their aspirations (for whatever reason) and fall back to a more comfortable cover tune offering (nothing wrong with that).  Maybe someone told them their songs were not so good, maybe the level of vocals was short of the mark, maybe the lyrics didn’t do it for the listeners.  There’s a million reasons why a song launches to the top 40 or not and require the perfect mix of beat, style and rhythm.  In reality, there are few who really make it to the top, but those who do, do not sway from their focus.  They don’t let critiques blur their vision.  They continue to drive that bus knowing someday, their efforts will produce an end result.  Maybe not famous in the grand sense of the word, that’s an irrelevant term anyway, but in their own right fulfilled that they contributed something to this planet and our culture.  Of the ones that “make it big”, the reign of power is short lived.  Look at how many 1 hit wonders are out there.  Bands that have come and gone, solo artists who vaporized into thin air.  Producing top hits song after song is not only big business and carefully orchestrated with lots of money, it’s damn hard to do.

 So the next time you see a performer doing his or her original music, stop and take a listen.  They’ll be greatly appreciative that you noticed.  You may hear something you like, and they may touch a part of your world.