What's on the Board

For the gear heads out there....

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah - 

AYA R/Comp

Analogman King of Tone

Frantone Vibutron

Fulltone OCD (v2) or Fulltone Trower OD

Cornish Treble Booster

Peterson Strobostomp (isolated via CTB)

and a sometimes appearance of Roland Space Echo (Boss pedal type).

and the reasoning for the above...

Either the Fulltone Clyde or the Teese Picture Wah are both close to my original Vox Clyde McCoy signature wah (circa 1967). The sweep on the Vox is different than either of those two but they are close enough in sound that I leave the original home.

AYA/R comp has a pretty light touch and a more open sound than either the Keeley or Demeter Compulator that I have used in the past. Only issue with the AYA is it is easy to overdrive with the pickups alone.

King of Tone - set very lightly on the right channel. Does all I need it to. Never used the left side.

Vibutron - I must have 6 or so Tremolo pedals and like this one the best.

Fulltone OCD or Trower OD. Depending on the amp and room, I use one or the other for the heavier stuff. These are the replacement for the Orange Rocker 30 when that has to stay home. When two amps are in use, I'll use a Framptone 2 channel amp switcher.

Cornish Treble Booster is used with the Orange for a lead boost. 

Roland Space Echo, the digital emulation, sounds pretty good for a few things.

Strobostomp tuner, fed via an isolated out on the Cornish.

Everything except the wah fits on a single small PedalTrain board. Powered by PedalPower.

Amps are Orange Rocker 30 with 1x12 and/or Vox AC15C1.