Winter 2015 update

February 1, 2015 Blog

The cold, harsh wind and snow of our winter of 2015 are upon us and hopefully tomorrow Punxsutawney

Phil will bless us with a prediction of a short one. Regardless of his prediction, warmth comes out from

the band to all of your wonderfully normal friends.


We’re coming off a great night at Chaplin’s Music Café in Spring City. Great thanks to all who joined us.

It’s too bad if you missed it. We shared the bill with Trial by Fire, our friend Jeff Willet’s band. The house

was full and rocked until closing. It’s a great room for music, great sound and real comfortable.


It looks like we’ll be hibernating for the rest of the winter but dates are starting to fill the calendar once

the weather breaks. In the meantime, we are going through a very productive and creative period. The

chemistry of the band is fantastic and we are churning out lots of new material as well as refining some

standards. We might even record another CD if the energy holds out.


Some future events that we have commitments for include: The Ambler Arts Festival and Chaplin’s, both

in the spring. We just signed a contract with Sellersville Theater to do our fundraiser for The Women’s

Center of Montgomery County on Sunday October 18th.


We’ll stay in touch. In the meantime, bundle up. Stay healthy and remember lift with your knees and hope

for an early spring.


Happy Valentine’s Day with Love,

Talia, Dirk, Thom, Jay, Mark and Ray